Fall in Scotland

Just thought I’d toss up a quick post about my new bike. I love it! I’m impressed with how well it performs under tough conditions. The derailleur components really prove their worth when I’m grinding up a hill, need to gear down and they shift without complaint and the brakes keep me alive on the down hill. Thanks again Johannes!

Dan and I have been out a few times this fall. The trails have been great fun, and it seems the choices are endless — at least at my skill level. I tend to avoid the big jumpy bits, ride my brakes on the downhill and push on the uphill. Dan is an absolute beast on a mountain bike. That man is in the air more than he is on the ground sometimes.

On our last ride our friend Toby joined us for a 20km loop trail in the Pass of Ballater area. Every hill, glen and stone in Scotland has a name, but I can never remember the specifics. We climbed up, up, up as we always do on the starts of these rides. This one seemed not as bad as the first 2 trips. The track took us down into a neighboring glen where a fantastic cluster of hunting lodges were located and up, up, the other side. The weather was perfect despite a gloomy forecast. I think it was raining back in Aberdeen.

There were a few short downhill sections, the bottom of one was guarded by quite a deep burn (stream). Dan plowed straight through. I had to turn around and get a run at it, but I did get all the way across, shoes completely submerged  in the chilly stream on the crossing. Toby did not fare as well, but didn’t end up any wetter than Dan and I.

Another long climb up and another fun downhill around yet another high hill and then back across the burn, all of us managing easily, and then the long ride back the way we came.