Laying the Floor

The weekend was spent on more home improvements. We finished getting all the coving up, which as always, proved to be way trickier than expected. I purchased the polystyrene kind because a) it’s cheaper, and b) it’s not heavy, so one person can install it. I also bought pre-made corners so I wouldn’t have to buy a mitre box and cut my own corners. Unfortunately, the corners were a lesser grade of styrofoam and didn’t take paint or sand down as nicely as the polystyrene planks. They also didn’t seem to want to stick properly. Oh well, we got them up together on Saturday and after much patchwork and trimming, it’s looking pretty good. Hopefully one more coat of paint will seal the deal.

Sunday we cleaned out the room, ripped up the carpet and put in our new vinyl tile flooring. Experts from around the country were consulted via YouTube (how did we ever live without this?) and we quickly had the whole thing in place and rough-cut to fit. As instructed we did half the floor at a time. This also proved to be much more challenging, and I was worried we were going to run out of glue, but the whole 5 gallon container went down and the flooring went down on top of it.

Trimming off the excess to fit snugly against the baseboard could have gone better I’d say, but in the end we installed shoe moulding around the base to hide our poor trimming job. There’s a bit of a snarl of pipes and wires on the wall under the radiator that needs a tidy solution we have yet to implement but aside from that and a final coat of paint to the mouldings, we’re done in the study!




Painting the Study

We’ve decided on Ivory and Georgia for the study, which is basically off white and blue for the back wall — the “feature wall.”

First coat of paint down and it’s starting to look pretty good. Well, mostly good. There are a lot of imperfections on one of the walls that no amount of paint will hide. Now we know why the previous owners went with textured wallpaper. Hopefully it’s not indicative of what to expect from the rest of the walls in the flat. Second coat hopefully going on today. Another trip to the B&Q for a behind the radiator roller brush. Oh yes, such things exist.

Taping and Plastering Corners

So having never done this before I did what any man of my generation would do – look it up on YouTube. They make it look so easy. The first coat went on ok. The tape was fiddly but manageable but it was the second coat that proved tricky. I ended up doing one side first and letting it dry before doing the other side. In the end I think I did a pretty good job considering. I almost think it would have simpler to just rewall the whole thing.


These walls have some stories I think.


One of my corners. Not bad eh?

DIY Noobs

Went to the B&Q the other day and bought a shed load of tools and stuff. First on the DIY list is redecorating the study/3rd bedroom. There’s textured wallpaper throughout the house, and while the kind that’s currently in the study isn’t horrible, it’s got to go.

So we’ve spent the last couple hours with a steam stripper and a scraper and we’ve got a pathetically small area of stripped wallpaper to show for it. We’ve just taken a break to refill the reservoir and I thought I’d resurrect the blog for the interval.

My aim is short posts. Maybe some pics.