Three Months Later

January 17, 2013 - Getting the hang of the jumperoo

Wow. It’s been ages since we’ve done anything with the blog. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get much done other than the basics. Here it is, more than ten months since Russell was … Continue reading

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The first three months with The Biscuit

I can't get enough of this face

Well. They say having a baby changes your priorities, and this is true. While he’s awake, it seems impossible to do anything but pay attention to him. And while he’s sleeping, you’re doing everything else – laundry, dishes, eating, sleeping, … Continue reading

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The Biscuit Cometh

Russell Jack Newman arrived at 12:59 on the 21st of August, 2012 about two and a half weeks early. He was born naturally and weighed in at 2930 grams (6lbs 8ounces). The moment of his birth was certainly the most … Continue reading

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On climbing pregnant

On the sea cliffs near Newtonhill, about 34 weeks pregnant. (Thanks to Matthew for the photo!)

I didn’t climb much during the first trimester. I was tired a lot, and the few times I did get out I felt at risk of throwing up on my belayer, which wouldn’t have been a very nice experience for … Continue reading

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Weekend in Tuscany, May 25-29

view from St. Catherine's house

We spent the long weekend in May in Siena. We flew out of Aberdeen at 6am friday morning and by late afternoon we were on a bus from Rome to Siena. Laurie met us at the bus stop and, after … Continue reading

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Back in April… we took a week-long climbing trip to Fontainebleau, France. For those that don’t know, Fontainebleau is a small city south of Paris, popular as a weekend getaway and known for the large forest and the historical ch√Ęteau … Continue reading

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June visit from my folks

good times on Loch Linnhe

We’re way behind with our posts – reports from an April trip to France and a May trip to Italy are in various states of completion, along with a few climbing adventures and tales of home renovations. But since Mom … Continue reading

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From time to time, work takes me away for brief trips to give presentations or have meetings. Normally I don’t get much chance to see the place I’m in (or it’s not a place where there is much to see … Continue reading

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Round Tower

Round Tower

The tail-end of a recent two week warm spell brought friend Fiend – fellow climber and Starcraft2 comrade – to the North East from Glasgow. Perhaps the recent alignment of the planets had something to do with such a rare … Continue reading

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SVG 2012 and Dubh Loch Climbing

Douneside House

The past few months Amelia has been quite busy organizing her first conference. The Scottish Vision Group chose her and a colleague to co-organize the 2012 meeting. Amelia was in charge of selecting the venue among other things and this … Continue reading

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